Gas Prices in Mexico Not Affecting Organic Banana Orders

semi-on-highwayOn New Year’s Day, 2017, the Mexican government deregulated the price of gasoline and diesel across the country, leading to a 20 percent rise in prices. As Mexico adjusts, there has been well-publicized news of the fallout this generated including the price hike, a gasoline shortage, demonstrations, protests, increased toll booth costs, shutting down of roads, delayed transportation schedules and increased border security. Naturally, this has raised concern for all who depend on cross-border transport, including the produce industry’s customers and consumers – nearly all U.S. residents. At Organics Unlimited, we respect and value open and honest communication with our customers and we are happy to take this opportunity to give an update about this situation to dispel any concerns.

This situation has and will continue to have repercussions across many industries. Unfortunately, this means that as costs increase across many sectors, the price of many goods, including produce, will increase. At Organics Unlimited, despite the rising cost of doing business, we are committed to honoring the contracts we have made with our customers. Most importantly, we are happy to announce our customers will continue to receive Organics Unlimited organic bananas on time and at peak freshness and quality. Despite the situation, our delivery trucks are moving across Mexico on schedule. While transit has experienced some delays overall, our trucks are on the road and our warehouse in Southern California is doing business as usual.

Read more about our unique packing and shipping process that guarantees you the freshest organic bananas on the market in this blog post.

At Organics Unlimited, we will continue to monitor this situation and if there are any updates we will notify you immediately. We thank you for your continued support and urge you to contact us if you have any further questions.

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