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Organics Unlimited to Celebrate GROW Month in September

SAN DIEGO August, 2017 GROW Month, a 30-day movement led by San Diego-based Organics Unlimited, a grower and importer of organic bananas begins on September 1. The GROW month initiative focuses on partnering with retailers and media to create consumer awareness of GROW’s social responsibility programs which promote healthy lifestyles. The GROW program benefits underserved communities in banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador through the sale of organic bananas.


Since 2005, through retailer and distributor support, GROW organic banana purchases have provided over $2 million in aid. A percentage derived from the purchase of each box of GROW organic bananas is earmarked for the GROW fund. Donations are used for youth educational scholarships, health clinics and dental and vision care in Mexico, clean water programs in Ecuador and environmental initiatives in the San Diego-Tijuana border region and more.

“We’re particularly excited this year as our social responsibility programs have expanded health care services for even more people to create additional positive change,” said Mayra Velazquez de Leon, president and CEO of Organics Unlimited and GROW. “During GROW month, we want more consumers to connect with the meaning of truly making a significant difference in the lives of the less fortunate. We want them to develop a greater understanding of the significant impact their GROW banana purchases have and recognize that they really can help change lives.”


Consumer demand continues to grow for organic produce that is sustainably and ethically grown, but also contributes to positive social change. Since its founding in 2000, Organics Unlimited has been committed to providing a truly organic and sustainable product to consumers in the United States, Canada and Asia.

People can participate in GROW month throughout the month of September and raise awareness of GROW’s humanitarian work by purchasing GROW labeled organic bananas and sharing hashtag #GROWmonth on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Consumers will also see outdoor advertising that promotes GROW organic bananas in select U.S. cities.

Organics Unlimited encourages retailers to take part in GROW Month by purchasing GROW organic bananas and sharing information with consumers on how their purchases affect lives in communities in need. Organics Unlimited has created a GROW month toolkit of items that retailers can use in-stores and online. For additional materials and retailer support, contact

About Organics Unlimited

Organics Unlimited is a San Diego-based distributor of organic tropical fruit from Mexico and South America, providing its traditional label as well as the GROW label. Its fruits are USDA certified organic for the U.S. and Canada through Organic Certifiers. For more information on Organics Unlimited and GROW, visit or call 619-710-0658. Check out the latest blog post from Organics Unlimited at and find Organics Unlimited on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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Twitter Party Breaks Record!



On August 17, 2017, Organics Unlimited joined forces with dietitians, bloggers, produce companies and healthy eating aficionados to participate in the fourth annual Produce for Kid’s “Power Your Lunchbox” Twitter party. The event hosted about 320 participants, and had a total of 3,995 tweets. The best part was that this year’s Twitter party broke a record, with an astounding 23 million impressions!

The event was full of activity, with participants quickly posting, replying and re-tweeting everything from tips on healthy lunches to how to make dinner preparation simpler and easier. Organics Unlimited and GROW by Organics Unlimited shared health benefits of bananas, tips for quick snacks and information on incorporating bananas into every day meals.

This event is especially exciting because not only did it encourage families to pack healthier lunchboxes, but partners also donate $1 collectively to Feeding America for every pledge to the campaign. At Organics Unlimited, we are proud to be a part of this campaign, and we are especially excited because it is a wonderful way for us to kick-off GROW month.

As a company that values a commitment to helping our communities, the Twitter party was the perfect start to a month dedicated to helping children and adults in our banana growing regions live healthier lifestyles.  We encourage you to join the cause! If you were unable to attend the Twitter party, you can still view and retweet the posts on Twitter by searching #PowerYourLunchbox. You can also support GROW month by creating visually appealing merchandising displays and educating your customers on how their purchases really make a significant difference.

For more information on how you can help support please visit GROW.

To learn more about our organic bananas and how you can offer Organics Unlimited and GROW organic bananas in your store, please visit You may also follow Organics Unlimited on Facebook and Twitter for more news

Back to School Merchandising

grow-3Although summer is still going strong, it is not too early to start thinking ahead. In the next month, many children will be going back to school, officially ending their summer vacation. That means that once again, schedules must be made and followed and lunches and snacks must be planned and packed.

Yesterday, Organics Unlimited and GROW by Organics Unlimited participated in Produce for Kids’ Twitter Party for the “Power Your Lunchbox” campaign. If you were not able to join us, please look for #PowerYourLunchbox on Twitter for great posts and ideas on healthy lunches.

As parents start thinking about healthy lunches and snacks, one wonderful way to promote nutritious kid-friendly food is through your merchandising. Specifically, fresh organic bananas! Here are some quick tips that you can incorporate in your messaging and that your customers will enjoy learning:


  • Bananas are pre-packaged by nature! Talk about an easy grab-and-go snack.
  • Bananas help muscle recovery, great for those little legs running around on the playground!
  • Studies have shown that kids who eat breakfast are able to concentrate better during the day.
  • Not only are bananas an energy packed food, they are also low fat and contain many important vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamins B6 and C and more!


Merchandising your bananas wisely will not only help your sales, but will also help support GROW month which takes place in September. If your store stocks GROW bananas, you and your customers will feel good about knowing that each purchase helps communities in the banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador. So as we send our little ones to school this fall, lets send them with healthy nutritious snacks, knowing that we are also helping children in the banana growing regions get the education they deserve.