Grow Environmental

GROW funds are used to help reach our goal of creating an ecosystem that can continue to fill the needs of future generations. Environmental sustainability efforts include:

Disaster Relief

In 2015, in the wake of some devastating storms, Organics Unlimited created a disaster relief program, setting aside a portion of all GROW funds for disaster relief. These funds can be distributed quickly on request through established aid organizations in both Mexico and Ecuador.

Environmental Health Coalition

In 2016, GROW by Organics Unlimited provided a grant to Environmental Health Coalition (EHC), a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to improving health and protecting the environment in communities in the San Diego/Tijuana region. The donation marked the beginning of an ongoing partnership between GROW and the Environmental Health Coalition. The San Diego/Tijuana border region is home to Organics Unlimited’s headquarters, and this donation is the first from the GROW Fund to be granted for use within the United States.