Monthly Archives: May 2010

Organics Unlimited Introduces Ecuadorian Bananas to Japan

Organics Unlimited has recently announced its first shipment of Ecuadorian bananas to Japan. These low chemical, transitional bananas, sold under the Fruti Fresh label, are the first of many shipments intended to meet the growing demand for bananas internationally. Our partners in Japan continue to see an increase in the need for high-quality produce, and we are proud to be able to assist them in meeting this demand. Organics Unlimited has been providing organic bananas to Japan through our farms in Mexico for the last three years and now we are pleased to be able to provide additional supply from Ecuador.

Organics Unlimited distributes organic bananas throughout the western United States, Canada and Japan. Currently, Organics Unlimited is providing transitional bananas as the Ecuadorian farms move from conventional to organic growing practices. This three-year process provides low chemical bananas which once completed, will ultimately be USDA certified “organic”, ensuring quality organic processes are used in all growing and handling of the produce in Ecuador.

GROW Story: Cezar

With the help of dedicated volunteers, donations and GROW funds, a young boy’s life in Queseria, Mexico will be forever changed.

GROW funds are dedicated to helping improve the lives of farm workers and their families. Here is the story of Cezar, a young disabled boy, the son of migrant field workers, who has been given the gift of mobility. (more…)

Buy a Banana, Help a Child

Following the recent tour that Project Amigo founders Ted Rose and Susan Hill made through the Northwest, this story ran in The Enterprise newspaper in Washington. Project Amigo is the recipient of GROW funds for programs to help children in the areas of Mexico where our bananas are grown, and they have changed the future for many poor families. Thanks to The Enterprise for telling our story so well. Read more.