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GROW by Organics Unlimited prepares for GROW month!

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In a few weeks, GROW by Organics Unlimited will be kicking off GROW month and we need your help!  Every September, we promote GROW and take the opportunity to educate and inspire our consumers to make a difference through their GROW purchases. What does this mean for you? Please start thinking about your merchandising displays and about other ways you can help. We need stores that are willing to host community events such as banana tasting, kid’s events, etc. We also need stores that are ok with live footage being shot inside the store by news crews. If you want to help us, please send us an email!

With each box of GROW bananas sold, a portion of the proceeds go into the GROW Fund. These donations are managed and distributed by the International Community Foundation. Project Amigo in Mexico and Children International in Ecuador are two organizations where GROW has helped build better communities and have changed the lives of many. With the financial support they receive from the GROW label, Project Amigo is able to provide communities with vision clinics, dental clinics, literacy and educational programs. These services are vital to the community and quite successful. Over 90% of the students that are a part of the Project Amigo scholarship program are attending the university and many have graduated to become very successful. Some of those success stories have continued to be a part of their community and have helped the current students in their health and education.

Please consider helping us in helping our communities! With your support in purchasing GROW bananas or creating visual appealing merchandising displays with GROW bananas, together we can make a difference in the banana growing communities.

For more information on how you can help support please visit our GROW website.

Want to know how GROW helps communities? Check out this info graphic below!


GROW by Organics Unlimited Provides 200,000 Meals to Children


GROW by Organics Unlimited is proud to report that the Power Your Lunchbox campaign by Produce for Kids held August 8 to September 23, 2016 was a huge success! This was the third year in a row that GROW has partnered with Produce for Kids for this worthy cause. The campaign encouraged families and individuals to take a pledge to pack healthier lunch items during the back-to-school season, including GROW organic bananas and other participating healthy brands. For each pledge, Organics Unlimited and other sponsor brands made a donation to Feeding America® children’s programs that focus on health and wellness across the country. Retailers, media and trade organizations were able to support and promote the campaign through activities such as a Twitter party (which got 14.6 million views) and by sharing the message of GROW during the Power Your Lunchbox campaign through social media. (more…)

GROW Brings Hope Through Aid in Mexico


On many produce farms around the world, worker’s conditions are notoriously poor. But because of GROW’s commitment to the community and in keeping with its ideals of service and sustainability, GROW by Organics Unlimited has been able to change that by implementing a culture that advocates quality of life for its farming communities. For over 10 years, GROW has helmed various projects in Colima, a rural state on the west coast of Mexico. (more…)