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Organics Unlimited Unveils Retailer Sales Support Kit

Organics Unlimited Logo

San Diego, CA (Jan. 30, 2013) — Moving forward into the New Year, Organics Unlimited has announced the development of their new Sales Support Kit, which will launch within the first quarter. Included will be a Five Points to Drive Sales plan, up-to-date point-of-purchase materials, successful tips on how to use these materials, and much more.

“The goal is to continue our commitment with our customers by providing all of the tools necessary to drive product and increase sales in one simple package,” states President and Co-Founder of Organics Unlimited, Mayra Velazquez de Leon. “The Sales Support Kit is our way of helping our customers move more product, more effectively.”

The Sales Support Kit is part of a new campaign focus for 2013 that will strengthen relationships to ensure customers they are given the support they are guaranteed when choosing Organics Unlimited.

“We’ve developed the Sales Support Kit to show our appreciation of the loyalty and feedback we have been given from our customers,” Velazquez de Leon continues. “And we will continue to make Organics Unlimited the best possible brand experience in the market.”

Ongoing updates will be announced through Organic Odes, the official blog of Organics Unlimited. Retailers interested in getting a head start on their marketing efforts this year can download Organics Unlimited POP materials for free or purchase them for print at the new online POP store. (A sales representative must be contacted for login and password details.)

Organics Unlimited’s Five Points to Drive Sales: Convenience

Organics Unlimited Five Points To Drive Sales Convenience

As we move forward in delivering each of our Five Points to Drive Sales – promotion of nutritional value was discussed last week – this week we will go over how to create convenience for your customers. With so much to do and so little time, consumers are on the go. Providing customers with alternative means of purchasing bananas will help generate a sense of ease and increase your sales. (more…)

Rise in Fruit Snacking Bodes Well for Marketers

Fruits Increase as Snack Options

Consumers are finding more and more occasions to eat fresh fruits and retailers might be wise to try to capitalize on this trend.

That’s the takeaway message of a two-year study recently completed by The NPD Group, a leading market research company headquartered in Rosemont, IL. Darren Seifer, who has been an NPD food and beverage industry analyst for the past six years, said that fresh fruit consumption is climbing the charts, largely fueled by changing demographics in the United States. But he said increased awareness of health concerns is also a driving factor. (more…)