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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Organics Unlimited! Did you know one of the most popular Halloween costumes is a banana? Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a delicious and nutritious super food? 😉 Check out these adorably tasty costumes, and have a happy and safe Halloween!

Football Banana Recipes

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It’s officially football season, and while some customers are throwing parties and tempted by the usual unhealthy standbys like chips, dips and cookies, we’ve found some great recipes for alternative snacks. Delicious, nutritious and easy, these recipes are sure to please sports enthusiasts everywhere.These recipes will work perfectly with Organics Unlimited or GROW bananas.


Banana Dip

Spicy Banana Dip

Caramel Banana Dip

Ecuadorian Bean and Banana Dip

Banana Avocado Dip with Plantain Chips


Vegan Banana Bread

Banana Roll Ups

Banana Cookies

Grilled Bananas

Banana Fritters


Banana Daiquiri

Banana Foster

Banana Colada

Banana Beer

Storm Update in the Pacific

As growers, we are always subject to weather conditions, and certainly to major storms.  In our growing areas of Colima we were recently visited by Hurricane Jova, which caused varying amounts of damage to growers in the area based on exact locations, elevations, and proximity to the coast.  The major problem was flooding based on the torrential downpours.  Fortunately we did not experience the high winds often a part of this type of storm. 

While we did incur some damage, most of our crops are, or can be, spared devastation.  The flood waters are receding at this point, but the low lying areas will need to be replanted once the waters are down.  In higher areas, flooding can sometimes damage the banana plants, but if the waters recede quickly enough so that they are flooded for three days or less, the leaves of the plants may yellow and production is delayed but we will still get production from those plants. 

Clean up is underway, and replanting will begin shortly.  To our customers, we want you to know that we have production to continue to fill your orders with high quality organic bananas.  And thanks to the efforts of our GROW scholarship students, who have offered us a hand, we should be back to full operations shortly.  We salute these young people who have such giving hearts, and will update you on their efforts in the coming days.