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GROW Helps Students Succeed


GROW by Organics Unlimited helps communities around our banana-growing areas with funds raised from purchases of every GROW banana. Funds from GROW go to many diverse projects, one of which is education. We know that consumers will generally gravitate towards brands that make a difference, but we also know that just the knowledge of helping is not always enough. Sometimes we need to know our purchase is making a difference.

For this reason, we are happy to share with you an update from our GROW program in Mexico on how your purchases of GROW bananas are helping young people to succeed!

  • Twenty students at the 6th grade level – All 20 students are graduating and are applying to continue their education to the 7th grade. They are enthusiastic and grateful for their education and support.  These students participated in various programs including homework clubs, book distributions and nutrition classes. All students maintained high grades, participated actively in community service and were active participants of Project Amigo!
  • Six students at “Becarios de secundaria” (Junior High) – All six students are graduating and are continuing to their Senior High studies. Each of these students are at the highest education levels of their respective families.
  • Four students at the University level – All four students are continuing their education. Areas of specialty include:  Education, Accounting, International Relations and Architecture.
  • Five additional students have been accepted to the University of Colima starting in the fall. Each of the students are currently Project Amigo scholars and have completed their high school studies.
  • Thirty-one students are currently being supported by GROW – 30 of those students are continuing their education.

On behalf of all of the students and families aided by GROW funds, we thank you for your help. Your support has helped us cultivate an environment where education is a key to success, and as we all know, by encouraging children to pursue their full potential, communities become stronger.

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Merchandising for Summer

home-sustainIn the world of produce sales, bananas are consistently a top-seller. However, it is important to remain proactive in increasing banana sales and keep them top-of-mind for customers. How are you merchandising the high quality, organic bananas you sell, and communicating that they are grown sustainably with a concern for the environment and for communities?

Successful merchandising can help you sell more organic bananas. Here, we pull together some of our tried-and-true tips and tricks that we’ve accrued over our decades of selling organic bananas.

Strategic displays – Grocery shopping is a very visual process for most, and customers will gravitate toward what catches their eye. Making sure your organic bananas are properly displayed and have appealing signage is critical to gaining attention. Displays should always be clean and stocked attractively.

Nutritional value – Organic bananas have many health benefits, not only for physical health but also mental health. Highlighting this very important fact will help promote the product as nutrition is one of the highest deciding factors for food.

Cross merchandising – From ice cream to cereal, pairing organic bananas with other food items is a great way to not only boost organic banana sales, but also call attention to other products. You can also inspire your customers with recipe ideas.

Highlighting environmental and social responsibility – GROW by Organics Unlimited donates a portion of every organic banana sale toward community programs that assist with health, education, disaster relief and more in rural areas of Mexico and Ecuador. By highlighting these programs, retailers can boost banana sales while at the same time empower shoppers with the knowledge that their purchases are making a difference in the world.

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