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GROW and Project Amigo

Project Amigo

Through your support of the GROW Program, together we have helped workers and families in the banana growing regions by way of Project Amigo. Thanks to the GROW Fund, Project Amigo can find the support to continue their work and it’s because of you, our customers, who make this happen.

So what is Project Amigo? How does it help? Since 1997 more and more families have chosen to stay in area of Colima, Mexico, in the shadow of the Colima volcano (the last eruption was 2005), to find other work when the cane harvests end, and keep their kids in school. This was the year Project Amigo first secured and began applying funds and donations from generous individuals to the construction and protection of a school at the labor camp. (more…)

Support GROW, Affect Lives

GROW scholars

Because of our incredible customers, it is possible for children and young adults to receive an education they may have never had the opportunity to gain. By purchasing GROW bananas, you help underdeveloped communities learn beneficial health techniques that U.S. citizens take for granted. With GROW and your support, we can make great things happen.

Thanks to the GROW Fund, we have seen scholarship funding and health programs enrich the lives of others. Since its inception in 2005, GROW has seen 34 GROW Scholars in Mexico graduate from college! Seven of those 34 students graduated from the University of Colima this past month.  (more…)

Recipe: Baked Banana French Toast Cups

Baked French Toast

French toast is one of the greatest staples of all breakfast foods. Add some bananas in there and you’ve got yourself some incredible edibles. Putting a little spin on this favorite breakfast item, these baked banana french toast cups are sure to satisfy the early risers. (more…)