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GROW is Going on Tour!

This week, we will be updating our Social Media sites with info on Ted and Susan from Project Amigo-GROW’s sister program! They’ll be traveling to several natural food stores throughout the week promoting GROW! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and visit them if you’re in the area!

Organics Unlimited Twitter

GROW Twitter

Organics Unlimited Facebook

GROW Facebook

Introducing our GROW Earth Day Donation Project

In celebration of Earth Day 2010, we’re spilling the beans about our plans to launch the GROW Earth Day Donation Project! Working with the International Community Foundation, the Earth Day Donation Project is dedicated to raising funds and educating the community on organic produce and programs that help to improve the lives of farm workers in Mexico and Ecuador. In addition to funds raised by GROW-branded banana purchases, this project will allow those who wish to donate directly to the GROW Fund do so through an online webpage and will run for an entire year.

Organics Unlimited is also building a cause-specific tab on their GROW Facebook page, and linking the donation site through all social media outlets. This tab will feature a tree that “grows” with the amount of contributions made, and updates on donation progress and news.

We’re excited to offer contributors a way to donate directly to the GROW Fund, and can’t wait to get the program up and running!

GROW Gives Academic Scholarships to Deserving Students

Through funds raised by the GROW program, we’re able to send sons and daughters of farm workers to secondary school and college. Without an education, many of these deserving young people would continue in the poverty chain of generations of field workers.

Each year, GROW selects a group of about 20 to 40 applicants ranging from junior high to college age. They are the children of workers in the state of Colima– the area where most of our bananas are grown. The students are selected for their dedication to their studies and for their academic potential.

GROW is proud to play a role in assisting these remarkable students in setting and reaching their goals –students like Alberto Ramírez Rivera. Coming from a family of 9 and being raised by a single mother after his father died, he has had to work to help support his family. Determined and eager to learn, his life changed when he was offered an academic grant from GROW. Through the GROW scholarship program, he is now studying agricultural engineering at the University of Colima. His future is bright, as is that of his family, thanks to funding from the sale of GROW bananas.

When you purchase GROW branded bananas, you are helping people like Alberto succeed in life.