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Strong merchandising can expand your organic banana sales throughout the year. Having attractive signage in a banana display provides added attention to the precious commodity of organic bananas. Here are some tools we provide our customers to help you sell more organic bananas:

Follow our blog, Organic Odes, for ongoing cross-merchandising ideas, recipes and displays. Search through our recipes for the perfect seasonal menu ideas, and provide shoppers with nutritional information that will lead them to healthier lifestyles. We can also provide content for your newsletters and flyers.

Social Media
Organics Unlimited and GROW are active on social media. We would like to work with you on your social media. Connect with us, and together we can elevate the awareness of your organic banana program.

Our downloadable POP is available to all our customers. Our goal is to work with you to ensure that you can sell high quality organic bananas in the way that works best for you. We know that in many cases stores have graphic standards and prefer to create their own signage. Click here to visit our POP section and download our merchandising materials (password protected – contact for access), including elements that you can use in creating your own signage:

  • GROW and Organics Unlimited logos
  • Photos
  • Recipe Cards
  • Header Cards – Place in the middle of your banana display, header cards help attract attention and provide a unique area for pricing of your organic bananas
  • GROW Display Signs – Designed specifically to promote GROW organic bananas, these signs provide shoppers information on the benefits they provide with the purchase of each banana
  • Additional messaging that is helpful in promoting Organics Unlimited and GROW organic bananas
  • GROW infographic – This tool tells the shopper where the GROW donations go
  • Ripening Chart

Sales Support Kit

Our Sales Support Kit contains all of the necessary tools to drive product and increase sales in one simple package. It covers a wide range of tips and useful information that you will find valuable whether you are new to selling organic bananas or are an industry veteran.

Download your free copy here.