Welcome to Organics Unlimited.

Our mission is to provide the best quality organic bananas and tropical fruits in a socially responsible way. Alongside quality stands our commitment to serving customers and the community. Through the GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers) program, we have provided over $2 million in services to those most in need.

About Us

At Organics Unlimited, we believe that the healthiest and most sustainable tropical fruits are grown organically. With a primary focus on bananas, we are growers first, importing top quality fruit from our farms and from other farms we supervise. We are a young company with roots deep in the soil of Mexico. Four generations of our family have grown bananas, and we use this experience to bring the freshest and healthiest tropical fruit from Mexico and South America to the United States, Canada and Asia.

We are committed to our customers and our growers. Our produce is closely controlled through the entire growing, harvesting and distribution process to ensure the fruit we provide meets our exacting standards and our organic certification requirements at all stages. We work continually with our growers to help them in managing their farms and educating them on the best techniques for maximum quality.

When founders Mayra and Manuel Velazquez de Leon started Organics Unlimited in 2000, it was with a mission to provide the best quality organic tropical fruits to consumers in the US, Canada and Mexico. The mission also included not forgetting the social responsibilities of their backgrounds – to care for the workers who make this quality possible.

From a state of the art warehouse and ripening facility near the US Mexican border in San Diego County, California, tropical fruit is distributed throughout the year to the western US and Canada. The same quality produce is shipped directly from the growing areas to the markets of Japan.

Why Organic?

Organic growing practices protect the future of our children, our workers and our environment. While the nutritional content of the fruit may be equal to conventionally grown produce, the lack of chemicals used in growing and harvesting will ensure that those potentially harmful chemicals are not a part of what we put on our tables.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, organic products now account for approximately 2% of all food sales in the US, and the consumer demand is growing at more than 20% annually.

Perhaps just as important is the ability that organic growing gives us to sustain the land on which we grow our fruits and vegetables.

Through the natural processes without the addition of chemical products, the land can continue to be used to raise wholesome, delicious produce year after year, without the threat of destroying nature’s balance.

Mission & Values


Our Mission

Organics Unlimited is committed to providing premium quality organic bananas, through a culture of sustainability, caring for our communities, and providing excellent customer service.

Our Values

Respect – We treat all people and our environment with dignity, honoring our commitments.
Commitment – We are dedicated to achieving the greatest good for our company, team, and environment.
Continuous Improvement – We challenge ourselves to constantly improve to exceed client expectations.
Sustainability – We work in a responsible manner that contributes to our environment, community, and company.
Passion – We are enthusiastic about the work we do, giving it our all and inspiring others.




When Organics Unlimited was founded in 2000, it was with a mission to provide the best quality organic tropical fruits to consumers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The mission also included not forgetting the social responsibilities of the founder’s family background – to care for the workers who make this quality possible.


Organics Unlimited is 100% organic and has been since its beginnings. In 1972, when founder Mayra Velazquez de Leon’s father, Carlos Cortes, was asked by a client how his great tasting bananas were grown, he described the truly natural process he had learned from his father, including watering the plants from the river water that flowed through the farms. The client and Cortes partnered to bring the first commercially grown organic bananas to the United States that year.


Now, Organics Unlimited takes extra care to continue growing a natural, truly organic fruit just as our ancestors did, importing the freshest and healthiest tropical product from organic banana farms in Mexico and South America.


In 2005, Organics Unlimited started a program called GROW, meant to benefit the communities where the organic bananas are grown. GROW was founded on the principle of providing a better lifestyle for not only the workers who grow the produce, but also others in the community who are often living in poverty. The GROW program helps provide educational, dental and vision support to those who need it the most, regardless of their employment. Sixty cents of every box of GROW organic bananas is directed toward these programs.




Mayra Velazquez de Leon

As President and CEO, Mayra Velazquez de Leon is responsible for the sales and marketing growth of the company. Her multi-cultural experience positions her as the perfect liaison between the product and today’s customer. Four generations of her family have grown organic bananas in Mexico, giving her and her staff expertise in growing methods that produce delicious, high-quality organic bananas in a sustainable way.