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Recipe: Banana Shortbread

Recipe Banana Shortbread

Moister than your average shortbread, this banana shortbread packs a great bold flavor. Perfect for a good weekend bake session, these light treats pair well with melted chocolate or are perfectly tasty left on their own.


Organics Unlimited Increases Organic Banana Plantings in Mexico

Organics Unlimited Increases Organic Banana Plantings in Mexico

With an eye on expanding its market and buoyed by strong demand, Organics Unlimited has increased its organic banana acreage.

“Organics Unlimited is an organic banana grower in Mexico, and we also pack and import all of our bananas to the United States for distribution there,” said Mayra Velazquez de Leon, who, with her husband, Manuel, owns and operates Organics Unlimited in San Diego. “Distribution is from our warehouse in San Diego, where we sell to both chains who have ripening capabilities and wholesalers who ripen.” (more…)

Safe Water Project Continues to GROW in Ecuador

GROW Safe Water Project Continues in Ecuador

Thanks to your support of the GROW program, Children International made a Safe Water Project possible in the Flor de Bastión Cooperative area of Guayaquil, Ecuador. A total of 400 families are being served by this project – impacting about 1,500 people. (more…)