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Create Healthy In-store Demos with Organics Unlimited

A successful display should be eye catching and inviting. Presenting product information through point-of-purchase materials can help gain consumer trust, and providing in-store demonstrations can work wonders for sales and building product awareness. Giving your customers a sample of Organics Unlimited bananas will show them how sweet and tasty they are.

A visual in-store demo can provide more than just a tasting. It can present healthy options for recipe ideas, facts about the products, and help cross promote other foods.

Suggesting alternative uses for bananas may also help improve sales. Smoothies, protein shakes, or fruit salads are fantastic healthy foods that use bananas as the main ingredient, but also contain other products for your customers to buy. (Check out our recipes section on Facebook.)

If your store hosts a food service area, offer organic smoothies made from Organics Unlimited bananas. This cross marketing technique can help raise awareness of organic bananas. Letting the customers know that you provide food options that are made from products you sell in-store can gain their trust in all the products your store provides.

Taste acts as a powerful sense for our memory when making a food purchase. Allowing your customers to try an Organics Unlimited banana will transition this taste test into a must buy item.

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Raise Awareness to Lower Blood Pressure

Do your customers know their numbers? Since 1984, May has been known as “National Blood Pressure Awareness Month” in the US. Bananas, which are rich in potassium, are a healthy supplement that help in lowering blood pressure. Letting your customers know the signs and raising their attention of this serious issue can help make your business more socially responsible.
By cross marketing to raise awareness for beneficial movements like Blood Pressure Awareness Month, you can help bring interest to products, especially bananas. Adding a point-of-purchase sign and a full display can easily gain attention. Providing such choices as bananas, along with other healthy foods that lower blood pressure (celery, broccoli, whole-grain oats, black beans, berries, spinach, unsalted sunflower seeds, chocolate, and skim milk) will increase awareness of not only the message but also your products!
Exercise is also a great way to lower blood pressure and can be easily integrated into a Blood Pressure Awareness Month display. Also, by adding a physical health aspect to your display, you will grab attention so that your customers will want to buy bananas too!
One in every ten American has high blood pressure and most are not aware of it. Early detection of high blood pressure is important and it’s great to know your numbers. Here are some points to help your display:
Blood pressure level  General ability to be more active 
Below 90/60 You may have low blood pressure, speak to your doctor or nurse before starting any new exercise
90/60-140/90 It is safe to be more active, and it will help to keep your blood pressure in this ideal blood pressure range
140/90 – 179/99  It should be safe to start increasing your physical activity to help lower your high blood pressure
180/100 – 199/109  Speak to your doctor or nurse before starting any new exercise 
200/110 or above  Do not start any new activity – speak to your doctor or nurse 

Taking the initiative and making a serious topic like high blood pressure a point of concern will not only help raise awareness for National Blood Pressure Month, but also keep your customers happy and healthy while helping to increase product sales in your store. 

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GROW Awareness in Stores!

Providing products that support a cause like GROW exhibits your business as one that considers the implications of the source. Not only does this gain trust with your customers, it also conveys a great message to your employees. Supporting GROW can set a positive example for your staff, showing that if you are accountable for what you sell, they can be proud of where they work. 

A purchaser of GROW bananas may know the benefits, but your employees may not. Giving them the information to fully understand GROW can help increase sales and also build morale.

Carli Landucci of First Alternative Co-Op from Corvallis, OR wrote to us and said, “I am really glad that we are able to show off this amazing organization. The produce department here could not be prouder to stand behind Organics Unlimited and Project Amigo.” Based in Colima, Mexico, Project Amigo has worked closely with the community since 1984. GROW funding goes to their programs that help farm workers and their children through Project Amigo in Colima.

Educating your customers and employees is key to bringing an understanding to what we provide. Displaying informational Point of Purchase materials is a great way to build awareness. (We can provide you with those materials too!) Take a look at the many opportunities you provide through your support of GROW:

  • Scholarships for students from middle school through university
  • Tutoring for students
  • Development of the GROW Education Center
  • Vision Clinics for farm workers and their families
  • Dental Clinics for farm workers and their families
  • Community health education
  • Books for rural schools
  • Housing for university scholars
  • Computer centers for students
  • A college endowment fund for future generations

Since 2005, the GROW program has provided over $500,000 in support to social programs in Mexico and Ecuador. Vision and dental clinics reach over 400 individuals each year. Through the education support program, GROW students learn the benefits of giving back, building better futures for their communities!

Carli Landucci – First Alternative Co-Op
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Every little bit counts and through your support of GROW and Organics Unlimited we can help support others in need of a better future!