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Our logistics program makes a great difference to our customers. Organics Unlimited boasts a unique model of harvesting with the customer in mind; fruit is harvested when an order is placed. It is then washed, packed and sent to the U.S., which results in less wasted product spoiling on shelves. Since the majority of our farms are in central Mexico, it takes only four days from harvest for our organic bananas to reach our warehouse in San Diego County, just over the U.S. border from Tijuana, Mexico. This logistics method provides an absolutely fresh product to the customer, and it has a much lower carbon footprint than bananas that are packed in containers and transported via ocean freighters.

All Organics Unlimited produce is shipped in refrigerated trucks or by cargo ship at 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Shipments are palletized in heat-treated pallets, with 48 cases per pallet. A container of produce is 20 pallets, or 960 cases.

Normal shipping is FOB San Diego, CA or the Port of Los Angeles. For the Japanese market, contact Arco International for shipping arrangements. For all other markets, including the U.S., Canada and other Asian markets, contact us for shipping arrangements.