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Organic – a New Years Resolution

What better way to start the new year than to focus on health, and for many people that will involve a resolution to eat organic.  Follow us through the year to get more Tips You Can Use from Organics Unlimited.  Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Happy Holidays from Organics Unlimited!

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A Bounty of Bananas this Holiday Season!

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Bananas are considered America’s number one fruit, representing 90% of produce purchases in the United States. The average American consumes over 28 pounds of bananas each year. Traditionally, bananas are considered a breakfast food, but there are numerous creative recipes and in-store recommendations to expand the use of bananas for every meal.

Merchandising Trends & Tips:

  • Because almost 90% of U.S. consumers buy bananas, conversion of new banana eaters is not a priority. Our goal is to increase what we call “day part use” for the fruit, thus increasing YOUR sales. For example, suggest to your shoppers meals (other than breakfast and snack) where eating bananas make sense and offer a different experience, like some of our serving ideas and easy recipes, see below….
  • Single consumers are most likely to buy organic fruit, according to Fresh Trends, so be sure to display smaller bunches and even solo fruit for this group. Remember they will often pay more per fruit so they don’t “waste” an entire bunch.
  • Be sure to keep displays orderly and never stack bananas on top of each other. Scarred or bruised bananas should be separated from the main display and sold separately at a special price to move quickly.
  • Segmenting banana displays for “today” vs. “tomorrow” with appropriate signage is smart merchandising and helps consumers make their selection quickly and move through their shopping faster during busy holiday times.

Check out the latest banana recipes from Organics Unlimited by clicking here!

Stay tuned for more tips and tools you can use to maximize your banana category in the New Year – Happy Holidays from Organics Unlimited!