Keeping an Eye on Quality: From Soil to San Diego

Organics Unlimited Banana Farm

When considering how to provide the freshest, highest-quality bananas to retailers and distributors, it’s important to think of the logistical chain and ensuring the quality of the product throughout the growing and shipping process. From the soil to the storage of the bananas before distributors pick up their orders, Marco, the Operations & Logistic Manager for Organics Unlimited, oversees the entire process. He shares more information about how our organic bananas are grown, picked and transferred, all with quality in mind.

The first step is to guarantee that the plants have good nutrition while growing. This begins with the soil. By performing soil tests at the farms and sending the samples to a lab for testing, the engineers at Organics Unlimited can determine the nutrient levels and moisture in the soil. These results show if the soil needs any organic fertilizers to make sure the banana plants are receiving the proper nutrients they need. It also helps determine if irrigation levels are accurate.

Organics Unlimited engineers keep a close eye on the banana plants as they grow and take notes on the plants at least twice a day. They track the physical characteristics to watch for problems that may affect the quality of the bananas. Special teams make sure the irrigation systems are providing each plant with the perfect amount of water and ensure the proper amount of sunlight reaches each plant.

As soon as engineers determine the fruit is mature, bananas are cut and the process of getting them ready for shipping begins. Workers quickly choose the best, highest quality bananas and verify there are no bruises or cuts on each piece of fruit. External blemishes can signify a poor quality fruit underneath the peel.

Transportation is very important in bringing high quality bananas from the farm to the grocery store. Organics Unlimited uses trucks that control both the temperature and humidity inside each truck, keeping the bananas at optimal levels so they don’t spoil from freezing or overheating. Transporting bananas from the banana plant to the farm in only four days, the freshness of Organics Unlimited bananas is unmatchable.

Once in Organics Unlimited’s San Diego warehouse, bananas are stored in climate-controlled, pressurized conditions for no more than two days before the distributors come to pick them up. During the storage time, the Organics Unlimited team continues to monitor the quality of the product and tracks internal temperatures of bananas as well as external appearance.

Without a doubt, Marco says, “The most important aspect of the logistical and quality assurance process at Organics Unlimited is the people, the staff that work together with enthusiasm and passion to produce the best organic bananas possible and deliver them efficiently and safely to retailers and distributors.”

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