Monthly Archives: March 2017

Sustainability Program Ensures Fresh, Quality Produce Every Season

Optimized-CIMG1879Organics Unlimited welcomes spring and year-round, we focus on sustainability and ensuring high quality organic bananas while preserving the environment.

Organic farming and sustainability go hand-in-hand when producing the freshest produce with the least amount of cost to the environment. Environmental benefits include healthier soil, reduced carbon emission, increased animal and human health/welfare and improved biodiversity. This ensures only the healthiest produce reaches retail and restaurant shelves.  (more…)

Mobile Community Health Initiative Promotes Disease Prevention

Community Mobile Healthcare ResizedOrganics Unlimited GROW scholars and volunteers are mobilizing as community health promoters to educate residents in Cerro de Ortega, Colima, Mexico on disease prevention, health and well-being. The mobile health initiative funded by GROW and run by the local health center, gives pre-college young adults and GROW grant recipients the opportunity to make a difference in their neighborhoods by promoting healthy communities. This is done by distributing brochures and discussing health practices and preventative measures against major diseases, such as information on vaccinations as well as procedures for fighting dengue fever, zika virus and chikungunya –  all of which have spread to epidemic proportions in the area during previous summers. Volunteers also distribute over-the-counter health aids such as electrolyte beverages and participate in health educational seminars to provide the most accurate information to the public. (more…)

Efficient and Strategic Packaging Improves Quality, Boosts Sales

buy-sell-1When it comes to quality and convenience, our packaging process at Organics Unlimited ensures our organic produce is at its freshest from harvest, to export, to retail display. Proper packaging is one of the most important aspects of our business and impacts distributors, retailers and consumers. We begin packaging our organic produce only after an order is placed, ensuring our products are the freshest from the time they are harvested to consumer consumption. After harvesting and packaging, our organic bananas are transported in temperature-controlled trucks and ships. The boxes they are packed in are crafted to ensure sturdiness, proper ventilation and convenience when in-transit. (more…)