Monthly Archives: April 2017

Unique Logistics Program Harvests Bananas With Customers in Mind

NFH_1923Strategic, reliable logistics processes are an important measure when providing the freshest produce from seedling to retail display. At Organics Unlimited, the harvesting of our organic bananas is done only after an order is placed, ensuring the freshest produce with the lowest carbon footprint. This begins with our process of growing and harvesting bananas without the use of chemical pesticides and through sustainable measures to ensure a healthy environment. Once a distributor or retailer places an order, our organic bananas are washed, packed and sent to the U.S. (more…)

GROW Scholar Graduate Conny Fonseca Devotes Her Career Toward Giving Back to Her Home Community in Mexico

Conny FonsecaOrganics Unlimited is proud to give back to the community through its GROW fund which provides children, teenagers and young adults living in rural areas of Colima, Mexico with the opportunity to gain a quality education and a healthy, fulfilling life. Through GROW funds generated from the sale of organic bananas, nonprofit organizations, such as Project Amigo, are able to continue oversight of services including health care, clean drinking water, milk for growing children and education assistance to under served communities often living in conditions of poverty. Among these programs, the educational assistance transforms the lives of adolescents and young adults with the opportunity to strive and study for the professional career of their dreams.


Merchandising for Memorial Day

Banana batchMemorial Day, traditionally known as the kick-off to the summer season, is only one month away. This means that now is the time to start planning your summer displays of Organics Unlimited organic bananas. The last thing you want to be doing is playing catch-up over the holiday weekend!

When setting up your displays, think outside the box. There is a tendency to promote seasonal summer items, and while that is a smart and necessary move, remember that organic bananas go well with a multitude of other fruits, making them an ideal product for cross-merchandising. (more…)