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GROW Scholars Participate in ESL Class

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Organics Unlimited and GROW have been longtime supporters of Project Amigo, a nonprofit that helps provide access to education for youth in the state of Colima, Mexico. Funds from GROW sponsor students in Project Amigo’s programs. Recently, a group of volunteers visited to facilitate a week-long ESL class for the GROW scholars. Volunteers worked one-on-one with the students, helping them improve their English-speaking skills through classroom work and field trips.

There was learning, laughter and friendships created throughout the week. The GROW scholars shared these thoughts about the ESL program: (more…)

Facility Upgrades Help Maintain a High-Quality Organic Banana

Organics Unlimited Bananas

We pride ourselves on delivering a consistently high-quality, sustainable, organic product to our customers. From our state-of-the-art warehouse and ripening facility near the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego County, Organics Unlimited’s tropical fruit is distributed throughout the year to the western U.S. and Canada. In order to maintain our strict standards, we are constantly assessing our logistics and facilities. And, as warmer, summer temperatures approach, we decided to prepare by upgrading the refrigeration systems in our distribution and ripening facility in San Diego. (more…)

Health and Wellness Trends Drive Supermarket Change

Health and Wellness Organics Unlimited Bananas

In a recent issue of The Packer, Pamela Riemenschneider reported that grocery store chain Aldi pledges healthy changes throughout its store. Checkout lanes will be stocked with nuts, trail mix, granola bars and other healthy options instead of chocolate bars and candy. Other healthy changes include partnering with registered dietitians to provide healthy eating tips and recipes, expanding the selection of organic meat and produce, and highlighting nutritional facts on private-label packages.

“The industrywide push for health and wellness has retailers trying to figure out where they want to brand themselves,” the article reports.

In the same issue of The Packer, Tom Karst writes that a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report shows that among the schools studied that shifted their lunch programs to provide healthier options, school meals chosen by students were 29% healthier in nutritional value than previously. Additionally, there was no difference in school lunch participation – this means that the same number of students ate the lunch offerings from the schools instead of bringing their own items.

What do these two articles tell us?

It means that people – youth and adults – will eat healthier if given the option to do so. Many retailers are seeing that customers are demanding healthier options and many schools are noticing that students will choose healthier options when provided the opportunity. This information can be used by Organics Unlimited’s retailers in understanding how to incorporate organic bananas and other fresh produce into advertising, featured displays and more. And distributors may begin to notice shifts in produce orders accordingly.

Consider how to capitalize on health and wellness trends using organic bananas – it will create a win-win for retailers and customers.

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