Monthly Archives: September 2016

GROW Brings Hope Through Aid in Mexico


On many produce farms around the world, worker’s conditions are notoriously poor. But because of GROW’s commitment to the community and in keeping with its ideals of service and sustainability, GROW by Organics Unlimited has been able to change that by implementing a culture that advocates quality of life for its farming communities. For over 10 years, GROW has helmed various projects in Colima, a rural state on the west coast of Mexico. (more…)

GROW Helps Children in Ecuador Succeed Through Education


GROW month is in full swing, and this is a great time to reflect on how GROW helps communities. At GROW by Organics Unlimited, we are especially grateful that we can help children reach their full potential, and one such place where we do that is in Ecuador.

Ecuador is one of the locations of our organic banana farms. It is a beautiful country that lies on the equator. But for all its beauty, it is also a country where one out of four children lives below the poverty line. This makes giving back to the community extremely important, especially in order to help children succeed.   (more…)

GROW Gives Back to the Environment

CIMG1887September is here, and one of the reasons this is one of our favorite months is because during September we celebrate #GROWmonth! GROW month lets us share our mission of social responsibility and sustainability with consumers around the U.S. When a consumer buys an organic GROW banana, that person is actively helping communities improve access and quality to health care, education, housing and more. Not only is that purchase of an organic banana helping people; it is also helping the environment. (more…)