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Recipe: Banana-Nut Loaf

Banana-nut Loaf

Everyone loves banana bread, so why not give it a little twist with this banana-nut loaf? This recipe is perfect for those with some browning bananas – the best ripeness for the loaf.  (more…)

GROW Month 2012 Begins in September!

GROW Month

GROW Month is less than a week away and there is still time for you to prepare! There are many ways retailers can participate this year and it’s never too late to begin. From handing out samples to promotional materials or revitalizing your GROW banana display, increasing the awareness of GROW will not only help your store’s sales, but also send a positive message to your customers.  (more…)

Recipe: Roasted Banana Bars with Maple Glaze

Roasted Banana Bars

At your next soiree, treat your guests to roasted banana bars with maple glaze. They’ll enjoy the sweetness of the banana and a rich nutty flavor when you prepare these fluffy little guys. (more…)