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Longer Life Linked to Greater Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Longer Life Linked to Greater Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Eating recommended levels of fruits and vegetables can add as much as three years to life expectancy, one research report concludes.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’s August edition has a study linking longer life to greater fruit and vegetable consumption.

The study, “Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and All-Cause Mortality,” was written by researchers from the Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. (more…)

How GROW Compares with Other Programs

How GROW Compares to Other Programs

GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers) was founded in 2005 in Colima, Mexico by Organics Unlimited. There are social responsibility programs around the world, and understanding the difference will help you choose the right one to participate in. You are choosing for your customers, so choose wisely. (more…)

Recipe: Walnut Banana Smoothie

Walnut and Banana Smoothie

Why should peanut butter and almond butter get all of the smoothie love? This frosty drink is a new twist on the classic combo of bananas and walnuts! (more…)