GROW Mexico

Higher Education

When GROW started in Mexico, our first initiative was to help junior high students with tutoring and financial assistance to keep them in school through grants to Project Amigo. Many of these promising young people have now graduated from college and are becoming area leaders.

Student Housing

Through Project Amigo, qualified college students can live at Casa Amiga, a residential facility near the University of Colima where the students room and board, and have study rooms with computers and internet access so that they can focus time and energy on their studies and their futures.

Milk Program

In Cerro de Ortega, Colima, Mexico, we provide fortified, powdered milk through a federal program called LICONSA.  Families can buy the milk at GROW study centers every week at about 50% of what the government charges. The distribution of the milk becomes a community service project of GROW scholars, the students who receive financial assistance through GROW funds that helps them graduate from high school.

Health Care

In Mexico, basic health care is provided by the government.  However, through the GROW program, we have put an emphasis on dental care and dental hygiene, as well as vision clinics to ensure that our population can function in the best way.