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GROW’s Remarkable Impact in Guayaquil, Ecuador in Partnership with Children International

Transforming Lives Through Powerful Partnerships

In our relentless pursuit of transforming the lives of vulnerable children and youth through our GROW program, we are proud to share the resounding success of Children International, a nonprofit organization in Guayaquil, Ecuador that our GROW funds help aid. With every box of GROW bananas sold, proceeds are distributed to different social responsibility initiatives, Children International being one of them. They have been able to provide thousands of children and adolescents with access to critical medical and dental care in Guayaquil, empowering them with the tools to lead healthier and happier lives. It is exciting to see their tremendous growth last year and be able to say we played a helping hand in supporting this amazing organization.

Optimizing Healthcare Access

Last year proved the impact communities can make when they join hands. Through Children International’s Medical Services Program, they provided basic medical services to every child and adolescent in the programs. This included crucial medical exams, life-saving medicines, and essential supplies, ensuring they received the care they deserved. In total, they facilitated an impressive 17,843 dental exams and 7,014 health services paid for outside of the program through referrals.

The Telehealth Revolution

One of the highlights of their program’s success lies in their innovative use of telehealth consultations. Through this technology, they were able to deliver 15,974 telehealth consultations, bridging the gap between children and specialized health services. Telehealth not only improved access to care but also allowed them to address medical concerns promptly, providing children with the support they needed.

Program Success Is In the Numbers

Their dedication to sustainable change forged strong partnerships with local government health care providers. By working together, they ensured that families were well-informed about external health services available to them. This partnership approach yielded remarkable results, with 44% of those seeking healthcare services receiving help from the State, and 41% accessing services provided by Children International.

Children at a Health Festival

Empowering Communities Through “Health Festivals”

Commitment to empowering communities extended beyond immediate medical care. Children International firmly believes that knowledge is a powerful tool for change. As part of their program, they implemented strategies and events to share vital health information, called health festivals. These health festivals served as a platform to educate families about nutrition, healthy habits, and illness prevention, with 3,587 in-person services conducted to further reinforce this knowledge.

Developing Safe Environments for Teens and Pre-Teens

Addressing the comprehensive well-being of the children and youth remained a top priority. The Youth Health Program played a pivotal role in supporting youth aged 10 to 18 years, promoting their socio-emotional development in safe environments. Through this program, they provided education on reproductive health, access to services, and effective strategies to reduce alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.

A Lasting Difference On Future Generations

The success of the Medical Services Program is a heartwarming testament to the incredible impact our GROW program can have on communities in need. Through your invaluable support, Children’s International has made a lasting difference in the lives of vulnerable children and youth. Their commitment to providing essential medical care, embracing innovative approaches like telehealth, and fostering sustainable change through partnerships continues to yield positive results, and we can’t wait to see their continued growth over the years. Together, we are empowering the next generation to thrive, building healthier communities and a brighter future for these children.

GROW by Organics Unlimited prepares for GROW month!

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In a few weeks, GROW by Organics Unlimited will be kicking off GROW month and we need your help!  Every September, we promote GROW and take the opportunity to educate and inspire our consumers to make a difference through their GROW purchases. What does this mean for you? Please start thinking about your merchandising displays and about other ways you can help. We need stores that are willing to host community events such as banana tasting, kid’s events, etc. We also need stores that are ok with live footage being shot inside the store by news crews. If you want to help us, please send us an email!

With each box of GROW bananas sold, a portion of the proceeds go into the GROW Fund. These donations are managed and distributed by the International Community Foundation. Project Amigo in Mexico and Children International in Ecuador are two organizations where GROW has helped build better communities and have changed the lives of many. With the financial support they receive from the GROW label, Project Amigo is able to provide communities with vision clinics, dental clinics, literacy and educational programs. These services are vital to the community and quite successful. Over 90% of the students that are a part of the Project Amigo scholarship program are attending the university and many have graduated to become very successful. Some of those success stories have continued to be a part of their community and have helped the current students in their health and education.

Please consider helping us in helping our communities! With your support in purchasing GROW bananas or creating visual appealing merchandising displays with GROW bananas, together we can make a difference in the banana growing communities.

For more information on how you can help support please visit our GROW website.

Want to know how GROW helps communities? Check out this info graphic below!


GROW by Organics Unlimited Shares Results of 2016 Grants to Safe Water Project in Ecuador


 SAN DIEGO (Dec. 8, 2016) – The GROW Fund, a nonprofit program developed by Organics Unlimited, announces the results of donations provided in 2016 for an Ecuador clean water program. GROW by Organics Unlimited awarded a grant to Fundación Niñez Internacional (Children International Foundation) to fund a five-month Safe Water Project that improved the health of 450 families.

The Children International Guayaquil Agency focused their efforts on families living in Duran, a region with a population of 236,000 and an extraordinary 67.8% poverty rate. Research showed over two-thirds of families who received aid from the organization did not follow proper safety measures for the storage and use of water for cooking and drinking. The GROW grant funded workshops for families on safe water practices, methods of water disinfection, conservation of water quality, prevention of water-related diseases and proper home hygiene practices. After the program, Children International conducted home visits to assess the results of the Clean Water Project.

“I learned how to disinfect water with chlorine and received a little dropper to measure the correct dosage of chlorine,” said Vilma Sornoza, a mother who was a beneficiary of the Clean Water Project. “Before, my son was frequently ill, but now his health has improved. I always want the best for my son, and this program allows me to give him that.”

GROW by Organics Unlimited has supported the Safe Water Project with grants since 2013. GROW was the sole funder of the 2016 Safe Water Project for the town of Duran.

“Some of my favorite moments are when I learn of the results of our grants,” said Mayra Velazquez de León, president of Organics Unlimited and GROW. “It shows how our customers’ banana purchases create change and provide a better life for children and families living in the low-income areas where bananas grow.”

Over the past decade, through retailer and distributor support, GROW organic banana purchases have raised over $2 million in aid for communities near Organics Unlimited banana farms in Mexico and Ecuador. A percentage derived from the purchase of each box of GROW organic bananas is earmarked for the GROW Fund.

About Organics Unlimited

Organics Unlimited is a San Diego-based distributor of organic tropical fruit from Mexico and South America, providing its traditional label as well as the GROW label. Its fruits are USDA certified organic for the U.S. and Canada through Organic Certifiers. For more information on Organics Unlimited and GROW, visit, or call 619.710.0658. Check out the latest blog post from Organics Unlimited, or find Organics Unlimited on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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