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OGC Employee Volunteers with Project Amigo!

Each year around Christmas, kindergarten and primary aged children in the Project Amigo Scholar program receive a complete outfit for school, funded mostly by GROW. This includes a new pair of shoes, a pair of pants, a shirt, three sets of underwear and socks. Generally, this is the only new clothing a child will get all year.
Twenty one volunteers joined Project Amigo this year for the outfit gifting. Project Amigo breaks the volunteers into teams to tackle each of the clothing groups. The shoe team fits each child with a pair of school shoes, taking the time to assure a good fit and to make friends. We were happy to have David Amorose and his daughter Rosie volunteer this year. David Amorose is from Organically Grown Company, a GROW customer, and is a huge supporter of the GROW program. Not only were David and Rosie key members of the Shoe Fitting Team, they also interviewed each child to find out their favorite foods, sports and school subjects. They were true ambassadors and peace-makers.
The GROW Fund contributed $5000 and two volunteers to this special work-week! Thanks to David and Rosie for all your hard work! If you’d like to volunteer in Mexico, visit

Question to Our Customers!

At Organics Unlimited, we’re planning on giving our current website a makeover and creating a new, separate website for GROW. We’re excited about creating a fresh new site with up-to-date news, relevant stories and user-friendly tools to make it easier for our customers to find what they’re looking for.

We want to be able to give you the best tools and content for their needs, so we’d like to ask:

What would you like to see on our new website? 
Leave a comment below and let us know what would be helpful and important to you. We would love to hear your opinions!

Seasonal Production Update

It’s that time of year again, where even in warm tropical climates the weather is cooler than spring, summer and fall. During winter months, our organic banana production in Mexico decreases slightly with cooler weather conditions, slowing the growing process.

In order to optimize the supply for our customers, we will be bringing more bananas from our Ecuadorian farms in the next two to three months. We know these bananas have further to travel, but our farms in Ecuador have the same growing standards as our farms in Colima, Mexico.

All of our Ecuadorian bananas are grown by small farmers who are focused on sustainability. And our customers can expect the same high quality bananas you get throughout the year from Organics Unlimited. Banana production in Mexico is year round, with availability somewhat decreased in the winter.

We look forward to working with you through our slower, cooler season. If you have any questions, please call (619-710-0658) or email Mayra Velazquez de Leon at