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Happy Thanksgiving

We at Organics Unlimited would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Living in this great country, we all have so much to be thankful for. We would like to express our appreciation to all of our customers and their customers who make the choice every day to buy organic bananas and support our workers and their families.
Throughout this year, the GROW program has continued to expand and provide more opportunities to our communities. On behalf of everyone who has received health or education benefits from your purchase of GROW bananas, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Organic Bananas for Better Health

In a recent release of the 2010 Gap Analysis done by the Produce for Better Health Foundation, they stated that the average American consumes only 43% of the recommended daily intake of fruit and 57% of vegetables. If we round both of those numbers, it means that Americans are only getting half of what they should in produce each day.

We are a fast food nation, and if prepared food is not available when we want it, we will opt for something less healthy. But one produce item tops all others for convenience. No wonder it is the top seller in produce departments nationwide. Bananas come in their own insulated carrying case that can easily be peeled off to reveal a delicous fruit treat.

Here’s some interesting information that US consumers might want to know about bananas, that go beyond convenience:
Fat – 0g
Cholesteral – 0g
Calories – 110/banana
Potassium – 400 mg
Dietary fiber – 4g

Bananas are good for your heart, nerves, kidney, bones and blood. There aren’t a lot of foods that can claim all of that. And when those bananas are organic, they’re not only eliminating any chance of harmful chemicals getting into the diet, they’re also protecting the health of the workers who grow them.

This is an interesting link that can give you more healthful info for shoppers.

The Future for Bananas

Dole, Chiquita and Del Monte all posted earnings reports last week, and the results were not good. The problem? Supply is up, demand is down, prices are escalated, and large publically-held companies have a responsibility to shareholders that doesn’t always allow for best practices. Are bananas really struggling? Here’s the small producer perspective.

Organics Unlimited is a small, independent grower and importer of organic bananas as well as some other tropical fruits. Organic bananas are grown so that the workers have a healthy living environment. There are not problems with pesticides and fumigants that have created major health issues in many banana growing regions. And the number of consumers concerned about the health and environmental impacts of chemicals has grown astronomically. The American public wants food that they feel is safe, and they would like to feel good about how it is grown both from a health and a social standpoint.

Organics Unlimited has increased production in the past two years, with new fields that have never been used for growing before, and also working closely to expand production with other small growers who are committed to organic farming. As a family-owned company, we know we need to expand our business cautiously, but we have also seen demand greater than the supply we had to offer. Consumers are asking for more organic bananas, and they want good quality, flavorful, attractive produce – something we have been working on for four generations.

The future for bananas? It is America’s favorite fruit, and many 21st century parents are committed to providing organic food for their children. The market may be struggling for large producers, but the organic category continues to grow. And consumers are judicious in the way they spend their money today. With banana prices rising, perhaps it’s time to expand the organic banana category.