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AussiBum Goes Au Naturel!

Thought bananas were only good for a delicious source of potassium? Think again!

AussieBum’s new line of underwear could induce a number of bad banana-related jokes, but we’ll stick to the basics: the men’s fashion company from the “Land Down Under-wear” (okay, I couldn’t resist), recently released a line of underwear made with real banana fiber. The eco-friendly undies are 27% sustainable banana fiber, 64% organic cotton, and 9% lycra.

Why only 27% banana? According to Lloyd Jones, the company spokesperson, “Naturally, you can’t really add anymore banana fiber than that because it might be a bit squishy.” Well, in that case 27% sounds like just the right amount.

Congratulations to AussiBum on their new socially conscious initiative!

New Blog Contributor!

We’d like to welcome Karla Daniella Velazquez de Leon (a.k.a. Danny) to our blog writing team! Danny is the daughter of Organics Unlimited’s owners, Manuel and Mayra Velazquez de Leon. She’s currently a junior at USD and is studying Marketing and Finance with a minor in Management. With a great passion for Social Media and an endless cache of Organics Unlimited and GROW information, she will be able to provide fun, relevant updates with an insider’s twist. We look forward to her posts!

Volunteer with GROW!

For many Americans, GROW is a label on their organic bananas that says there is a program that provides a better lifestyle for the banana workers and their families. But GROW is also a program that will allow you to get more involved with an outstanding social program in Mexico. Volunteers to help with work projects are readily accepted. And donations of everything from clothes to books to medical supplies can make a big difference.
Volunteer opportunities through GROW are tied with Project Amigo, a non-profit partner in the state of Colima, Mexico, that works throughout the year to provide educational, dental and vision support to the poor in this beautiful area. Work weeks are scheduled throughout the winter. Each work day volunteers choose between several work crews doing a variety of jobs ranging from heavy to light, for all levels of ability. Work may include heavy construction, plumbing or electrical repairs to children’s facilities, painting walls or murals, art projects or reading with children, giving haircuts, or simply playing with children who need some extra hugs.
During work weeks, you will be spending time with other volunteers, enjoying the warm hospitality of the Mexican village life, and visiting some of the areas where Project Amigo is working. In the words of one volunteer after spending a week in Colima, “I thought I might make a small difference in a child’s life, but found they have made a big difference in mine.”
To find an opportunity that’s right for you, click here.
GROW bananas are available exclusively through Organics Unlimited. For more information on GROW, go to