Our Farms


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Our organic produce is closely controlled through the entire growing, harvesting and distribution process to ensure the fruit meets our strict standards and organic certification requirements. We work continually with our growers to help them expand their education on the best techniques for maximum organic quality. By standardizing growing from one farm to another, we ensure the finest, consistent quality for our customers.

Our banana farms are chosen for their fertile soil, abundant rainfall and warm climate – all the conditions necessary to grow quality, organic tropical fruits. Our banana farms are found throughout the states of Colima and Michoacan in Mexico as well as in Ecuador. Growing is done under the supervision of an Organics Unlimited engineer, with supervisors in all areas of production, from growing to washing to packing at the farms. We provide an extensive training program to growers and workers on the best methods for organic growing.

The health and safety of workers on our farms are a top priority. No pesticides or chemicals are used in the growing process, safeguarding the health of the workers. The farms operate in a sustainable manner. While river water is still used, much of the water comes from wells that have been dug on each plantation, mitigating the need for artificial irrigation. There is also a composting facility on the property, which improves the health of the banana plants in an organic fashion.


Our Farm Locations