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Best Banana Benefits!

Bananas weren’t coined the “superfood” for nothing! Not only are bananas tasty and convenient snacks, they’re also packed with healthy enzymes, sugars and nutrients that can be beneficial to your health and wellness. Famous for substantial energy boost, bananas can help improve numerous health issues. Here are just a few:

  1. Depression: Bananas contain a protein called tryptophan, which can help improve mood and encourage relaxation
  2. Anemia: Bananas are naturally high in iron and can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood
  3. Blood Pressure: The high levels of potassium found in bananas help to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke
  4. Fatigue: The potassium levels also help to increase alertness, while increasing energy levels
  5. Mosquito Bites: Rub the bite with the inside part of a banana skin. It’s known to decrease swelling and irritation

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GROW Story: Leonel

GROW gives kids more than the resources to keep studying. The program gives these kids confidence in themselves as well as a community that offers them support and friendship. Today, Leonel tells us how he found new friends and new goals through the program.  (more…)

Potassium the New Wonder Nutrient?

While doing some recent leisurely reading, we came across this article featured in O Magazine’s August issue. We all know that the potassium found in bananas is good for you, but did you know it’s now being touted as the “Essential Nutrient for a Healthy Heart?”*

Potassium helps to bring down blood pressure, and it has been found to reduce the risk of strokes and counter the effects of excess salt. According to the article, Americans only get half their recommended daily allowance of potassium. Luckily, this means you need to eat more bananas!

Here are some recipe ideas that take our already nutritiously delicious Organics Unlimited bananas and transforms them into delightful treats.


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