Taste the Difference: Sample Organic Bananas to Kids

Taste the Difference Sample Organic Bananas to Kids

They say the way into the heart is through their stomach, which is why sampling your products is one of the best tactics to influence your consumers to buy. With so much debate on GMO, food productions, and health conscious options, organic bananas are the perfect choice to sample in your store. And to gain the maximum amount of customers your best bet is to reach out to children. Read more

Sample the Difference to your Customers

Give Your Customers a Smile and a Sample

Research has shown that shoppers buy more of products that are being sampled in the store.  There are some people who would like to think that there is little difference between organic and conventional produce. We know there are many health benefits that you can showcase through signage, but one of the best tools you can use to make your customers believe the difference is with samplingRead more