GROW by Organics Unlimited Provides 200,000 Meals to Children


GROW by Organics Unlimited is proud to report that the Power Your Lunchbox campaign by Produce for Kids held August 8 to September 23, 2016 was a huge success! This was the third year in a row that GROW has partnered with Produce for Kids for this worthy cause. The campaign encouraged families and individuals to take a pledge to pack healthier lunch items during the back-to-school season, including GROW organic bananas and other participating healthy brands. For each pledge, Organics Unlimited and other sponsor brands made a donation to Feeding America® children’s programs that focus on health and wellness across the country. Retailers, media and trade organizations were able to support and promote the campaign through activities such as a Twitter party (which got 14.6 million views) and by sharing the message of GROW during the Power Your Lunchbox campaign through social media.

The goal this year was to reach 20,000 pledges, a goal which was not only met, but surpassed with 21,674 pledges! These pledges equal 238,414 meals donated through Feeding America.

All of this was made possible by a very effective marketing campaign which included dedicated e-newsletters that reached over 134,000 industry professionals, retail dietitians and consumers and a website, that had over 46,000 page views

As a company who cares about social responsibility and helping communities increase their quality of life, GROW was proud to support this campaign and to be able to offer back-to-school messaging and healthy eating tips. We could not have done it without you, so on behalf of GROW and Produce for Kids, thank you for your support.

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