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GMO Bananas

As consumers become more health conscious about what they put in their bodies, it presents an opportunity for stores to emphasize the health-value in their produce. With all eyes focused on the genetically modified organism (GMO) issue, your customers will want to see healthier options. Organics Unlimited provides all GMO-free produce and guarantees the highest quality of organic bananas to your customers.

Currently, the FDA requires no safety testing and the health risks of all GM plants remain unknown. Many believe that GM food plants require fewer pesticides and herbicides, and increase food yields. The initial introduction to GM corn and cotton and herbicide-resistant soy may have helped larger factory farms reduce labor requirements and increase yield, but no net savings to farmers or consumers has been seen and there has been no increase in yield.

Thinking that these GM food plants would be more resilient, insects have now become more resistant to the toxins. Weeds have become more resistant to the herbicides resulting in a massive increase in herbicide and insecticide use relative to pre-GM farming. A recent study in France has shown that the common herbicide causes cancer in rats.

There are many other concerns involved with GM foods that consumers are seeking answers for. To rise up and please their customers, by 2018, all Whole Foods Market will require GMO labeling on all of their products in its US and Canadian stores if they contain GMOs. This will be just the beginning.

Your customers will also appreciate full transparency on your products. If they see that you sell GMO free, they will have more cause to purchase the healthier option. Consider hanging GMO free signage or creating a greater awareness of what you sell that will benefit your customers in the long run and you will see the increase in loyalty.

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