Why Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters

Sustainability is structured around the belief that everything we need for our survival and well-being is dependent on how we directly or indirectly take care of our natural environment. Organics Unlimited has practiced sustainability for four generations to create and maintain superior conditions so that humans and nature may co-exist together.

Proven to positively impact our world, sustainability has helped extend goodwill for future generations. Through its practice, we have created a safer, healthier way of life for our workers, and to those who consume our products. You won’t find harmful chemicals endangering our land, our employees, or our bananas at Organics Unlimited, and we will continue striving to produce the best results you can find.

Sustainability is more than just a word to be thrown around lightly. We encourage you to inform your customers of the benefits of sustainability. Our organic bananas are not just healthy for the body, but the way we cultivate our fruit also benefits the earth we grow on, making our lands completely sustainable. This will help provide an understanding of value of where their produce comes from and build more trust down the road to help increase your business.

Are your customers looking to give back? GROW is hosting a Facebook contest that allows consumers the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Colima, Mexico for a volunteer week. (More details here.)

Check out our online store for new POP materials for each of your retail locations. Contact us at info@organicsunlimited.com for login information.

Call us about our sampling program that is available and let your customers taste the difference in organic bananas! Contact us at organics@osterads.com for information.

If you’d like to be involved and to learn more about Organics Unlimited and GROW, visit OrganicsUnlimited.com, GROWBananas.org, or call (619) 710-0658.

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