Why Buy Organic Bananas?

“Organic” is a hot word right now. We all know that organic foods are supposed to be better for your body and for the environment. But did you know about the specific health and community benefits of our Organics Unlimited bananas?

Conventional bananas are treated with harsh herbicides, pesticides and fungicides when they’re growing, harvested and shipped. Sometimes, they’re treated with chemicals like nematocides, benomyl and chloropyrifos to avoid worms and prevent uprooting. But did you know that nematocides could be lethal, benomyl is linked to birth defects and chloropyrifos is a neurotoxin?

Not only are our bananas free of these harmful chemicals, they also taste better than conventional bananas! A pioneer in organic growing, we’ve mastered the process and know what it takes to grow the perfect, best tasting organic banana.

Plus when you buy our GROW branded bananas, you’re contributing to the heath and well being of our farmers and their families living in Mexico. It’s a small way to contribute to the socially responsible society that we live in, and a big way to make a difference in someone’s life!

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