Viva Iniciativa Mexico!

2010 is a big year of celebration for Mexico, it is the centennial of the Mexican Revolution and the bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence. In commemoration of these events and in order to promote the transformation of the country through the efforts of its people, major media owners, entrepreneurs, and academic institutions launched Iniciativa Mexico. This initiative, which will award grants to the best projects, aims to recognize people’s efforts to transform Mexico.

We’re proud to announce the participation of GROW in this event. We recognize the value of a project that aims to make this country a better place and want to share our achievements. GROW brings together two neighboring countries to change the world one child at a time. This union of the United States and Mexico to give back to the community, through educational and medical assistance to needy children in the banana growing areas of Colima, truly makes GROW a unique project. We firmly believe that through the power of education, we are enriching the future of the world. We are happy to share our participation in this exciting project and will keep you updated on how you can support GROW in Iniciativa Mexico.


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  1. Iniciativa Mexico is a project of all. Now we should support the Mexican initiative:

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