Utilizing Banana Bags for GROW Month

By popular demand, we’re offering GROW banana bags again this year during GROW Month (September 2011).

The banana bags are a great way for retailers to increase banana sales and sell ripened bananas for baking uses. This year, we’ve printed a recipe on the back for Healthy Banana Cookies. This easy recipe calls for ripened GROW bananas and a few vegan ingredients. The recipe is unique and simple which will encourage customers to purchase ripened bananas. Stick ripened bananas in bags and display prominently in the produce section near some GROW header cards. Customers will be able to get familiar with the cause while retailers will be able to sell ripened bananas.

Make sure you have a good supply of GROW bananas as well as merchandising support materials for the summer as well as for GROW Month. Email mayra@organicsunlimited.com or call us at 619-710-0658.

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