Bananas Are Sales Leaders in Any Culture


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Organics Unlimited has attended several produce trade shows in the past few years and 2015 is no exception. Last month we attended Organicology in Portland, Ore. Currently, we are at FOODEX, a trade show in Japan, showcasing our BioFruit label and introducing the GROW label and program to our Japanese customers.

While our roots are in Colima, Mexico, we believe that our products are strong in every culture and can be utilized in many ways. Take time to analyze your target customer and see what their cultures and needs may be. This can help in creating strong banana displays around your customer’s background. It might encourage you to purchase plantains or red bananas that some of your customers may be interested in.

Organics Unlimited specializes in growing organic yellow bananas, red bananas and plantains. These all cater to different cultures. Yellow bananas, rich in potassium, can be good for the heart, nervous system and keeping muscles healthy. Red bananas are most popular in Central America. They contain a high level of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers. Plantains, most popular in the Caribbean, contain Beta-carotene and vitamin A, this can be essential for eye health and normal growth.

When preparing for spring produce displays, take into account some of the cultures that comprise your neighborhood. Consider nutritional facts stated above and use them to your benefit in developing a strong merchandising campaign. Cross-promoting with a variety of different recipe products or health remedies can also help increase produce sales.

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