Unique Ideas for GROW Month

GROW Month is quickly approaching, and we’re making sure that retailers are prepared for the month of September. GROW Month enables retailers to sell more bananas, get involved and participate in a cause that customers will love. We’ve created downloadable POPs, header cards and unique banana bags. We will also be participating in in-store events in order to support retailers and encourage banana sales.

However, we’re encouraging retailers to let us know if there’s anything unique they’d like for GROW Month. Our design and branding team can create GROW Month materials unique to your store, as well as provide you with additional supplies for approved applications. Here are some additional GROW Month ideas we’re doing for some retailers:

  • Retailer bakery is baking fresh banana bread using GROW bananas, then placing GROW stickers on the wrapped bread
  • Retailer is displaying a GROW POP at their juice bar, which uses GROW bananas
  • GROW representatives are providing samples and recipe demos at stores on specified days in September

Do you have a unique GROW Month idea you’d like to see for your store? Let us know by email, and we’d be happy to accommodate your marketing needs!

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