GROW Steps Up

The global pandemic has changed life as we know it. Virtually every facet of our day-to-day activities has been altered. Before the pandemic, GROW sent funds to organizations such as Project Amigo in Mexico and Children International in Ecuador for educational and medical purposes. With the advent of Covid-19 it became necessary to change the way in which these funds were distributed to the students and families of Organics Unlimited farming communities to help in ways that were needed during a pandemic. 

While many schools sought to protect students by implementing mask-wearing policies and disinfecting procedures, not every student was able to attend in-class learning.  Children of all ages were sent home for the school year in order to attend virtual classes.  This left families with a new set of costs and challenges.  In order to help these individuals, funds that typically would have gone to providing transportation and in-person studying were used to provide each student with a computer, internet access, school equipment and supplies necessary for attending online classes.  The families of students were delivered food, household items and cleaning supplies to supplement their reduced family incomes.  Rice, beans, eggs, cereal, canned goods, toilet paper and soap provided many families much needed relief. 


Even though the pandemic has continued to create problems for many individuals, GROW is proud to provide funding to families in Mexico and Ecuador to help combat these challenges. By supporting this program and buying GROW bananas, you are providing a lifeline for these children and their families as well as a pathway out of poverty. We thank you for your support and hope you will continue to assist the GROW program!  

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