GROW Brings Smiles from Ecuador

This week Organics Unlimited received program updates as well as some great photos from Children International, they manage our GROW funds in Ecuador. Since GROW month is in full swing, we felt that it would be a perfect time to share these photos. Seeing how much joy and hope is made possible from something as simple as the purchase of an organic GROW  banana is something to be shared and celebrated. It is thanks to you and your customers that stories such as the ones below are made possible.

Healthy Habits Program

  • Young Pedro Barzola learns the importance of properly washing his hands during the Global Handwashing Day in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  The Grow Fund partners with Children International to teach healthy habits to thousands of children.


Nutrition Program


  • Children International-Guayaquil has partnered with The Grow Fund to provide support to 300 children who have been identified as underweight and malnourished.  Children and their families are given nutritional counseling and classes that show them the importance of healthy cooking and eating.


Aflateen Program

  • The Children International Aflateen Program teaches youth life skills such as self-knowledge, personal rights, savings and budgeting skills, responsible citizenship and the need to understand social issues.  The Grow Fund is an important partner for this program, which enables young people to grow into responsible adults!


Tutoring Program

  • The English Tutoring Program in Guayaquil-Ecuador provides interactive and participatory classes to help students learn the English language and perform better in a classroom situation.  The Grow Fund is an important partner in this pilot program!

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