GROW Promotes Healthy Smiles in Ecuador

dental2At Organics Unlimited, growing fresh organic bananas is what we do every day, but it is not the only thing we focus on. Equally important as our commitment to our fruit is our commitment to the land and to our community.

GROW by Organics Unlimited helps communities around our banana growing areas with funds raised from the purchase of every GROW banana. One of these regions is Guayaquil, a port city on the coast of Ecuador, and one of the ways that GROW helps the community is through dental care.

This past year (2017) we were able to provide dental sealants to over 3,800 boys and girls between the ages of 7-12. Sealants are very important as they provide protection against cavities and other oral health issues. The use of sealants is even more effective than other techniques as it is able to fill the small holes which provoke tooth fissures and pits. Thanks to the layer formed by the sealant, bacteria is prevented from entering  the zone.

Dental care in developing countries can be difficult to come by in rural areas. The dental program sponsored by GROW has allowed us to be successful in promoting oral health by engaging in personalized conversations between the dentist and each sponsored child. We emphasize the importance of oral care and hygine as well as provide dental services.

Thanks to the dental program funded by your purchase of GROW bananas, children in our communities can have access to healthy futures and bright smiles.

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