Banana Shortage Worldwide

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Winter is still here and while many places are getting hit with cold weather, others are struggling with torrential rains. This of course has an impact on the food we eat, particularly produce. Colima, Mexico, where Organics Unlimited grows most of its organic bananas, is experiencing extremely cold temperatures. Normally, this would be mitigated by the organic bananas that Organics Unlimited grows in Ecuador, as these farms serve to supplement supply during winter months. Unfortunately, Ecuador is getting hit with very heavy rains.

This means that currently there is a worldwide shortage of bananas. It also means that the bananas making it to market may be a bit “blemished” on the outside.

But, there is good news! Although we cannot control the weather, Organics Unlimited is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that fulfillment of banana orders are timely. As for the slight blemishes some bananas may have? Let your customers know that that they are still the fresh, delicious organic bananas you know and love on the inside!

Mayra Velazquez de León, president and CEO of Organics Unlimited has issued the following letter:
Jan. 23th, 2018


Dear Customer,

As you all may be aware of, there is a shortage of bananas worldwide.

In Mexico we have been experiencing very cold weather which is halting the growth of the fruit.

Central and South America are getting hit with heavy rain, which is flooding the farms and making it hard to harvest.

All of this is causing delays in harvesting and filling orders, causing delays in shipments, therefore making banana supply very tight.

We appreciate your business, and rest assure that we are doing our best to fill your orders on a timely basis.

Please work with us during this situation.

We expect to have a better supply by the end of May.

Again, thank you for your business.



Mayra Velazquez de Leon



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