Small growers are an integral part of Organics Unlimited

small growerAt Organics Unlimited we value providing fresh, top quality organic bananas, while making our commitment to our communities and the environment a top priority. One of the ways we honor this pledge is by working closely with small growers. These banana growers are farmers who are completely autonomous and manage their own lands and employees.

When small growers enter into an agreement with Organics Unlimited, they are offered a year-long contract. This contract guarantees that Organics Unlimited will buy all of the organic bananas they produce during that year. This is beneficial to both parties. For Organics Unlimited, it means there is a consistent supply of quality organic produce and for the small grower, it means they can focus on growing organic bananas and not worry about having to find customers.

While small growers are in charge of managing their own operations and their employees, they do make certain commitments to follow GROW guidelines. These include treating their employees fairly and offering fair market wages. They also commit to follow organic, sustainable farming practices. Small growers must demonstrate that they are indeed eligible for organic certification, which Organics Unlimited then provides.

Partnerships with small growers allow for job opportunities in rural areas and also allow for small, independently owned businesses to flourish and prosper, while promoting ethical treatment at all levels of operations. They also allow Organics Unlimited to continue to provide fresh, high-quality organic bananas that are grown in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

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