Millennials Continue to Increase Spending on Organic Produce

Grocery cart filled with nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Millennials, an 81 million-strong group of 18 to 35-year-olds, have become a lucrative consumer force in the world of organic produce. Companies would do well to understand and strive to meet the needs of this profitable market sector.

A recent webinar hosted by the Produce Marketing Association made the case that millennials care more about their food being fresh than the amount of calories and fat. A recent study by Morgan Stanley shows that compared to previous generations, millennials also have a different definition of “healthy.” While previous generations counted calories, millennials focus on “fresh, less processed and fewer artificial ingredients.” This means produce is a key item on their shopping list. Not only are they buying produce, but they are also buying organic produce. In fact, in the world of organic produce, more than half the shoppers are millennials with children, according to a new survey by the Organic Trade Association (OTA). More importantly, according to consumer research presented during a National Grocers Association convention workshop, over a third (37%) of millennials surveyed said they will increase their spending on fresh fruits and vegetables in the next 12 months.

Another factor important to millennials is purchasing food that is ethically sourced. More than ever, consumers in this age range want their organic produce to originate from a company that upholds social responsibility and is ethical in the treatment of its employees and of the environment. The growing popularity of GROW by Organics Unlimited organic bananas with produce shoppers showcases just how important these decisions are.  With each purchase of a GROW organic banana, funds are channeled to help improve quality of life in the communities of our banana growing regions. These actions, combined with Organics Unlimited’s commitment to growing in an environmentally sustainable and ethical way, have resulted in our organic banana’s popularity.

Millennials are poised to not only continue, but increase organic produce consumption, and by careful strategy and understanding of trends and patterns, we can continue to deliver based on their needs. Organics Unlimited prides itself on offering are demanding fresh organic produce sustainably and ethically farmed from the ground up. Learn more about offering Organics Unlimited and GROW by Organics Unlimited organic bananas in your store at  Follow Organics Unlimited on Facebook and Twitter for more news.

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