Tips for Reaching your Athletic Customer

Banana bunches from Organics Unlimited

For athletes looking to fuel their bodies, a healthy, nutritious diet remains a top priority. Creating organic banana displays that speak to athletes is a smart idea that can be easily done in your store. Loaded with diverse health benefits and with an easy, on-the-go nature, organic bananas can be every athlete’s fruit of choice.

Here are some nutritional facts that can resonate with athletes on produce displays and point-of-purchase signage:

  • Promote good heart health: bananas are a decent source of potassium (one medium banana contains more than 400 mg), an essential mineral for supporting the cardiovascular system
  • Increase metabolism: as a resistant starch food, bananas are healthy carbohydrates that quell hunger and boost the metabolism
  • Build stronger bones: packed with fructooligosaccharides, bananas enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium

Many athletes make sure their breakfast consists of protein, whole grains and fruit. When organizing the arrangement of organic bananas in your store, be sure to cross-promote them with a variety of products, especially breakfast items such as cereal and bread. You can also cross-promote bananas with healthy and/or energy-fueling food items, such as granola, protein bars, peanut butter and smoothie kits.

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