Tips for Merchandising Organic Bananas this Fall and Winter

Ashland Food Co-op DisplayAn example of how Ashland Food Co-op uses organic bananas to anchor a display of football-party necessities.

As a grower of high quality organic bananas, we are proud of the product we provide to our retailers and distributors. We want to do everything we can to ensure that our fruit reaches consumers in pristine condition, ready-to-eat, so they can experience the naturally delicious taste of Organics Unlimited bananas. Therefore, we work to provide tips on how to merchandise and display organic bananas to move them through your store quickly, guaranteeing you a return on investment and happy, repeat customers.

To provide you some fall and holiday merchandising ideas, we solicited the help of Ashland Food Co-op, a retailer in Oregon that sells Organics Unlimited produce.

This time of year brings tailgating and football parties, which is a great opportunity to promote finger foods. Bananas are a perfect finger food and can also be incorporated into appetizers as an alternative to sugary snacks. Barry Haynes, produce manager at Ashland Food Co-op suggests topping a cracker with cream cheese, a banana slice and chopped nuts. Find more football banana recipe here.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Haynes says Ashland Food Co-op promotes twice as many items leading up to the holiday to help customers gather all they need for the big meal. Banana cream pie is a holiday hit, so having an organic banana display at the front of the produce department can help. As Organics Unlimited bananas are always in season, they make a good base that can be surrounded with seasonal fruits to create a dynamic display. Haynes suggests providing recipes to customers to help them with meal ideas and grocery lists.

With the Christmas spirit in mind, customers may also be feeling charitable. This is a good time of year to share information on GROW by Organics Unlimited and GROW student success stories. It can help your customers feel they’re making a difference through their everyday purchases.

In addition to displays, there are other tools available to help market organic bananas and other products. “We have a weekly sales flyer, utilize our Demo Coordinator as much as possible, and provide simple and tasty recipes,” said Hayes in discussing how Ashland Food Co-op helps customers shop. “We are always willing to sample a product to customers when they inquire about flavor or quality.”

Research shows that bananas are a weekly purchase in most U.S. households and keeping them top-of-mind through merchandising and display can ensure you are moving our high-quality product quickly through your store and into the hands of your customers.

Organics Unlimited invests in advancing communities surrounding our farms in Mexico and Ecuador through GROW. Ashland Food Co-op invests in its community too by providing one free banana to children ages 10 and under each time they visit the store. As a socially responsible company, we love hearing about the positive impact our customers have on their own communities.

Do you have additional ideas on how to merchandise organic bananas during the fall and winter seasons? Is there a way you help give back to your communities – year-round or during this time of year? We’d love to hear it. Send your comments to

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