Tips for Marketing Organic Bananas to Millennials

banana and handA recent study sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company was cited in the July 2015 issue of Grocery Headquarters. The study, all about how Millennials shop for groceries, offered some key insights that grocery store retailers can use when wondering how to sell Organics Unlimited bananas toward the Millennial market.

Millennials spend $200 billion annually on groceries, averaging about $281 monthly per individual. That’s a large portion of the market, and through effective merchandising retailers can push products according to the generation’s needs.

The 9.0 million Millennials tend to be errand-runners, and 1 out of 3 shopping trips last five minutes or less. This means convenience is key to this generation and it’s important to grab their attention fast. Millennials can be influenced within store, as about 74% of trips to the grocery store don’t include preparation such as meal planning and list making. This provides a good opportunity to use POS marketing materials, displays and shelf talkers to steer Millennials toward products. In keeping with their on-the-go lifestyles, 63% of Millennials’ shopping trips include buying a meal or snack to eat right away.

Knowing these statistics, retailers can create grab-and-go displays of Organics Unlimited bananas and single-serve peanut butter containers to cater toward Millennials looking for a quick snack while they’re in the grocery store.

Additionally, a retail report from the Hass Avocado Board found that Millennials gravitate toward cause marketing, which is good news for our GROW organic bananas label. Retailers and merchandisers can use this information and create grab-and-go displays featuring shelf talkers and other POP marketing to share information about GROW organic bananas and how they benefit communities in Mexico and Ecuador.

As Millennials are generally quick, impulsive and driven by their social groups, merchandisers need to react accordingly and consider how to interact with this powerful demographic. Based on their digital upbringing, Millennials prefer a two-way dialogue with brands rather than being “talked at” by advertising. Consider how you can create conversations in stores and on social media with Millennial consumers.

As September is GROW Month, Organics Unlimited has created a bundle of promotional materials to help retailers and distributors share information about the mission of GROW organic bananas with their customers on social media and in-stores. This may provide you with tools to use to engage with Millennials and create sales. For access to these materials, please contact

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