Tips for Cross-Merchandising Organic Bananas

Organic bananas are usually a staple item on most organic-conscious shoppers’ lists. However if they don’t make the top of the list, turn them into an impulse buy when shopping for related items through simple cross-merchandising techniques.
The Organic Trade Association (OTA) notes that consumers who shop organic are also more likely to be adventurous cooks, gourmands, or more popularly termed “foodies.” To capture this audience, provide unique suggestions in which they can incorporate organic bananas into their diets or place among other ingredients for creating special organic recipes.
Here are some cross-merchandising ideas to help increase your sales and drive your shoppers BANANAS:
  • Cross-merchandise bananas with steel-cut oatmeal and organic non-fat milk for a healthy low-fat breakfast option
  • Ride the coconut water/milk craze by cross-merchandising organic bananas as a complimentary snack for the healthy eaters, celebrity-fad dieters, gym-goers or experimental “foodies”
  • Merchandise organic bananas within organic-specific or healthy choice aisles when applicable
  • Choose a popular, yet simple recipe that incorporates bananas, such as Organic Banana-Squash Soup, and merchandise key ingredients together to capture health-conscious cooks and creative bakers
Bananas are a easy fruit to merchandise because they don’t require refrigeration. So get creative with your merchandising options and give your customers unique ideas that are nutritious organic choices!

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