The Value in Children Promotions for Organic Bananas

Marketing Produce for Kids Bananas Sushi

The 2014 Power Your Lunch program by Produce For Kids has ended. We appreciate all the of your help in pledging your support and raising awareness to encourage parents to pack healthier lunches for kids. In the end, the program received 7,067 pledges from consumers across the U.S. We are glad we could be a part of this special effort with Produce for Kids, and we will be donating almost $1,800 to, which will fund school projects in the U.S.

It is very important to focus efforts like these to ensure the right message is reaching children and families. From an early age, kids are easily influenced by the foods they are introduced to, and it can shape the way they develop.

Kids need help to understand that fresh, organic produce is imperative to their health. With so many cartoon characters vying for the attention of sugary products, it’s creative marketing strategies like these that help parents recognize the value of organic produce.

Reflect on your produce merchandising and determine if you are sending the right message to the little ones who walk through your stores. Promote that organic GROW bananas help kids their age in Mexico and Ecuador go to school, receive school supplies and uniforms as well as the opportunity to gain proper health treatments. Knowing that the purchase of a banana can help a fellow child makes a big impact on whether or not they want the sugary cereal or a delicious organic banana.

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